COVID19 has put the whole entire worldwide travel industry under pressure and Norway is no exception. In Norway there has been articles about different actors that normally arrange fishing trips is struggling because of the lack of interest from the native norwegian tourist.

The summer has been great for many destinations but the typical Norwegian has not spent their money in the same way as foreign tourists do and that may have been devasting for many of the big players. Especially the market for fishing guides and deepsea fishing has decreased.

The Norwegian government has done a lot to try to minimize the damage on both the individuals that have lost their job but also with loans and cash-support directly to companies in need of money. How ever, for the travel industry the decrease has in revenue can not be equalized.

According to the Norwegian website, the effect of COVID19 on norwegian households have so far not been very big but it`s expected to be more longterm effects later this fall.

How this has affected plans?

Our plan was to launch a site for flyfishing tourist in 2020. We have decided to postpone this to 2021 in hope for a better market. We will come with a new update when we decide on something new.