When going fishing in Norway, you have many different types of accommodation. You can stay at hotels, motels or even in tents but the majority choose to rent a cabin. How ever, in Norway you have many differents cabins and standards to choose from. Before renting a cabin you should make sure to book the right one. In Norway they call cabins for «hytter», similar to the word «hut». It`s over 500 000 cabins in Norway and that means that 10 % of Norwegian own their own «hytte». During the fishing season many Norwegians that does not fish themself, choose to rent out their cabin.

Where can I find Norwegian cabins for rent?

AirBnb is starting to be the #1 place for renting out and renting cabins in Norway. In addition they have a marketplace called Finn.no, here you also can find cabins for rent. Our experience is that Finn.no can be cheaper if you want to rent a cabin for a longer period of time.

What is the standard on these kinds of cabins?

Old traditional Norwegian cabins have no power, perhaps a solarpanel that can power lights. According to the norwegian website Solcellepaneler.com, solarpanels is called «solcellepaneler» on Norwegian. So if you are looking for a cabin that has «solcellepaneler» included in the name, then the cabin is most likely very simple. Just type in Google, «solcellepaneler til hytte«.

If you are looking at newer cabins, they have high standards and are most likely to be like your house.

How much does it cost to rent a cabin in Norway?

The cost of renting a cabin in Norway starts at around 300,- NOK (aprox 50 usd) a day for a very poor cabin. If you want a more luxurious cabin while you are fishing, then you can expect 1500-2500 nok (250-350 usd) per night.

Please note that during the fishingseason, the prices increase rapidly for all cabins. If you want a cheaper cabin then you have to book it early and also expect to have a drive to fish.