The last couple of months has been devasting for almost every single business within the travel industry, Norway is no exception. Many of the famous attractions in the very north in Norway is experiencing total shutdown due to travel restrictions and the economic climate as well. At the same the Norwegian curreny «norsk krone» (NOK) is experiencing the biggest drop in many years. This is due to the lethal combination of a drop in oilprices and the covid19 situation. We like to compare the NOK with Bitcoin and even though as funny as it is, the norwegian crypto and blockchain site Kryptovalutainvestor is reporting on Twitter an increase number in traffic to their site hvordan kjøpe bitcoin. Probably not a good sign for the future price on NOK.

The situation is very bad but if you are considering buying a fishing vacation for 2021 or perhaps even 2022. This might be a good timing to buy some NOK. This is not financial advice but it looks like the drop in NOK might be a short term thing. The Norwegian National Bank is not printing money like the FED and that`s why a few analyst belive that the NOK will increase over time.

How will this effect

When we bought the domain earlier this year. Our plan was to make the number one place for people looking to flyfish in Norway. We are still aiming on this but we have to realize that it might take a little more time before we can invest in:

  • Clean design
  • Content
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So please be patient 🙂